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LF: Re: IARU Region 1 position on 500kHz

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Subject: LF: Re: IARU Region 1 position on 500kHz
From: "Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 09:27:20 -0400
Cc: "John W Gould" <[email protected]>
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Dear John:
We have heard about similar interests related to an allocation around 500
kHz. But I must advise that many Third World nations are still using that
segment of the spectrum for maritime communications.
Recent efforts to try to obtain a 600 meters band assignment by amateurs in
neighboring countries came to a standstill when their telecommunications
administrations replied that this was not possible because the segment was
still in use for maritime communications.
It would be very interesting and useful to have access to any documentation
that Region I and Region III IARU coordinators may have, in order to
approach our telecommunications administration regarding the preparations
for the upcoming WARC 2003 to take place in Geneva later this year.
I believe that one solid argument backing the request would be the succesful
use of the 136 kiloHertz band by amateurs in many different countries, and
along that line, I would like to request information regarding the number of
countries in Region I already authorized to operate on 136 kiloHertz at this
We Cuban amateurs are trying to obtain our 136 kiloHertz band before WARC
2003 takes place, and would like to have the 600 meters assignment too !!!
My personal experience participating at ITU conferences is that this efforts
require great coordination and to be worked well in advance of the actual
WARC 2003....
73 and DX
YOur friend in Havana

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From: "John W Gould" <[email protected]>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 3:24 AM
Subject: LF: IARU Region 1 position on 500kHz

My apologies for not bringing to this group's attention before the outcome
of a discussion of the RSGB paper on 500kHz, at the San Marino Region 1
Conference.  AMRAD have usefully summarised the position with the
in their Jan-Feb 2003 Newsletter, which I quote with their agreement:

"G3PSM chaired a working group of ON7ZV, PA0SHY, PA0AWN, ZL2AMJ and G4OUT.
The result was the adoption of Recommendation REC/02/SMC4.11, as follows:

A Working Group would be formed to investigate the possibility of a
frequency allocation of approximately 10kHz between 470-490kHz to
investigate propagation and the use of new communication technologies.  A
progress report should be circulated to the secretaries of Region 2 and
Region 3 for information."

I would add to that statement a comment to me from Colin, G3PSM on his
return that we should be looking in a post-WRC2003 timeframe to come back
with proposals in relation to this part of the spectrum, thus this is a
long-term issue.

As IARU Region 1 LF Coordinator I have assumed some responsibility for
forming a "500kHz Working Group" and have approached a few people to lead
such a group.  This has been without success, so I put the question to the
LF Group - Can I have volunteers please to work in a group, using e-mail
a dedicated website, to carry out the task detailed by the above IARU
1 recommendation. Once a group has been formed it can choose its
chairperson. I would like to see an international membership of the Group,
hence the need to conduct business over the Internet.  Meeting together
would be expensive and probably difficult to arrange. Volunteers should
e-mail me directly rather than post to the reflector.

This e-mail has been copied to Colin, G3PSM and also Glenn, VK4DU (for
Region 3).

73 John, G3WKL
[email protected]

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