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LF: ZL6QH beacon test 21 September

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Subject: LF: ZL6QH beacon test 21 September
From: "Vernall" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 17:16:37 +1200
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ZL6QH will be carrying out beacon tests on 21 September, starting before
local sunset and going all night, till after local sunrise.  Hours of local
darkness for ZL6QH are from nominally 0610 UTC (sunset) to 1813 UTC

Dual frequency keying will be used, with 0.4 Hz frequency shift.  The coding
is for an ID character of Q, sent as hi, hi, lo, hi, key up.  This code
cycle is sent repeatedly.
  hi = 137.7890 kHz
  lo = 137.7886 kHz
Each element is 120 seconds (dot length) so sending a Q takes 10 minutes.
Each Q will start on the hour, and also keep close to 10 minute cycles,
which could be useful for analysis of difficult reception situations during
a short lift in propagation.

Listening out with a receiver set to 137.7888 kHz centre frequency and using
Argo software to process demodulated audio fed to a PC sound card is the
recommended way to try for DX reception.  As Argo displays only 2.6 Hz
bandwidth for 120 second dot lengths, careful setting of receiver and sound
card frequency is needed to arrange for 137.7888 kHz to be near the centre
of the displayed output.

Reception reports can be emailed to [email protected] or posted to the

Good luck to all listeners.

73, Bob ZL2CA

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