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LF: Re: 137695 Hz signal, RU6LWZ

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Subject: LF: Re: 137695 Hz signal, RU6LWZ
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Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 07:58:04 EDT
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Hi Jose and all

Can anyone tell me who was transmitting on 137695 Hz-QRSS3 at 9.40 UTC?, I couldn´t identify it. It´s the third signal that I saw in all my LF life, hi.

73 de José Manuel, EA1PX

Jeff F6BWO and I had a nice QRSS QSO near 137694 Hz between 9:24 and 10:33 UT.

At the same time, RU6LWZ in QRSS3 beacon mode was visible "O" on 137700 Hz, his field strength up to about 0.3 uV/m here and still there now at 11:30. On a long spectrogram covering last night, his signal was M to O, with peaks above 3 uV/m around 21:30 and again around 2:00 UT.

73 de Markus, DF6NM
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