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LF: Hessdalen & VLF

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Subject: LF: Hessdalen & VLF
From: "CABASSI" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 20:37:20 +0200
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HESSDALEN 2001: VLF Radio Report and some further proposals for the next Missions.<br>Flavio Gori <br>In this report, I'll give some basic information about the work done in the Hessdalen valley, Norway.<br>First of all I'll take this opportunity to recall what we were looking for from VLF research in the field.<br>The most important fact was to realize which kind of VLF electromagnetic natural noise situation should be to define as standard in order to understand if and when something may arise to influence in any way such local EM environment, in particular when Hessdalen Phenomena lights appearing. This job was done using two VLF receiver: ELFO, with 2 square antennas, each arm 2 meters long, and the portable WR3 with its 60cm whip antenna. Moreover an Inspire VLF receiver was set up in the Blue Box station, connected to a 50m dipole. Both WR3 than Inspire are broadband audio amplifiers, able to deal with about 12 kHz down to 300 Hz.<br><br><br><br> <?fontfamily><?paramtimes>Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen.<br>With this definition at the end of July 2000 a private research center has been founded,<br>initially aimed at supporting and divulging researches to be carried out with a scientific basis<br>on luminous atmospheric phenomena which are recurrently observable in several areas of our<br>planet, with a particular interest for the Hessdalen valley in Norway.<br>In the first weeks of August 2000, the Committee furnished his contribution to these<br>researches with the active attendance in Hessdalen of his scientific co-ordinator astronomer<br>and astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani, the first italian researcher who took an interest in the<br>norwegian phenomenon, and author of numerous scientific papers on this subject..<br>The next aims are to probe even further into the investigation of the Hessdalen phenomenon<br>and to carry out a reconnaissance in other sites of Earth, including Italy, where recurrent<br>sign als of Luminous Phenomena in Atmosphere have been reported, in order to monitor<br>suitably them with the installation of recording instruments in prospect and collect data.<br>The Committee is composed of 9 promoters: Renzo Cabassi, Nico Conti, Roberto Labanti,<br>Maurizio Morini, Marco Orlandi, Marco Piraccini, Roberto Raffaelli, Massimo Silvestri and<br>Alessandro Zabini.<br><br>Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen.<br>Renzo Cabassi<br><?/fontfamily><br><br><br><?fontfamily><?param><?smaller><?smaller><br>Renzo Cabassi tel/fax 051239088 - mobile 3484015147 - GSM/FAX 3484057216 <br>CISU: Commissione Fenomeni Luminosi in Atmosfera<br>Comitato Italiano per il 'Project Hessdalen' [email protected]<br><?/smaller><?/smaller><?/fontfamily><br><br>
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