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RE: LF: RE: Diversity

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Subject: RE: LF: RE: Diversity
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Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 06:09:34 -0600
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The loop has to be at least 13m to 15m vertically and at least 762sq meter
total area or bigger to work decent. If you go with a loop of 15m vertical
or greater and make the horizontal part more like 30.5m or so, it will work
much better. All of these figures are for 166kc. I would make a loop for
136kc much bigger if you can. Bill has found that he can run the loops in
the tree branches without any trouble. So that helps in finding a place to
put one up. I should be able to setup a temporary 610m loop this summer and
try it on 166.5kc. I think it is going to work well.

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WE0H wrote:

Hi Mal,
When you say the loop doesn't pick up the low angle DX signals, are you
using a horizontal or vertical loop???
I am not using any loop antennas at present but intend to make a
vertical loop
as per my message.

Bill Ashlock on the east coast of the
US is using vertical loops on 1750-meters with excellent results. He can
transmit a 1w signal 1000 miles easily. What kind of loops are the
using for transmit???
Over the past couple of years several EU stations have been using loops
transmitting as well as vertical antennas and when testing one against
the other
the vertical antenna outperforms the loop by a long way, very big
between the two systems.
I have made this observation while working and listening to their
signals at this QTH and using my vertical antenna for both TX and RX.
I expect they are using small vertical loops near the ground but I am
not sure,
they might join in with some comment.
I intend to make my loop vertical and each side about 20 metres long,
small for 136 khz, but bigger than some.
My experience of small loops relative to frequency on 160 metres is that
they do
not perform anything like a full size vertical. They do not pull in the
haul dx like the vertical ie KH6/VK/ZL etc  A full size loop for the
would be a different story.
Using small loops and suitable RF amplification on receive can have
especially for those living in environmentally noise polluted areas.
I intend to use my loop for RX comparisons against the vertical and not
Maybe your friends are transmitting on full size loops.
Let me know how you get on and try a vertical as well for comparison.
73 de Mal/G3KEV

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