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RE: Re LF: Transmit loops Anyone ???

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Subject: RE: Re LF: Transmit loops Anyone ???
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Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 21:59:42 -0600
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Hi Mike,
For our Part-5 experimenters license, there is no antenna limit. That is why
I will be putting up a big loop for such use and I already have a legal
vertical for Part-15 use. I hope that the FCC will get off their butts and
give us the two bands without any antenna limits. Power doesn't matter as
the Lowfers have proven. It should be fun to work regular QSO's on LF when
it all gets settled upon. The Europeans want to work across the pond more
frequently. It will be possible with the antenna restrictions lifted and
just a bit more power.

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Subject: Re LF: Transmit loops Anyone ???

Hi Mike,

For the unlicensed US lowfers, the main barrier to big TX antennas is rather

FCC 15.207(b) "The total length of the transmission line, antenna, and
ground lead (if used) shall not exceed 15 meters. "

Despite the lowfer urban myth, I'm afraid there are no exemptions for huge
"non-radiating" horizontal sections in tees and loops, so the 15-meter rule
leaves you somewhat limited.

Keep rooting for an LF ham band.

Mike W2AG

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