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LF: RE: Proximity effect

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Subject: LF: RE: Proximity effect
From: "Ashlock,William" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 11:57:14 -0500
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> Perhaps this has been reported bnefore but just in case it has not.
Terman's RADIO ENGINEERS'   HANDBOOK (first Edition, Sixth Impression)
contains useful information on the  proximity effect and the ratio of ac to
dc resistance of isolated litz wire: pages 36 and 37.
Attached a sample that hopefully passes the reflector.

Thanks for the above info and the figure you sent. Unfortunately I won't
have access to a copy of Terman for a few days but wanted to be sure your
figure applies to std copper conductors (as the description seems to
indicate).  If so, this plot agrees with the textbook info I came up with on
Sunday, but there is a large discrepancy with the losses calculated from the
equation Cesare posted yesterday.

Bill A
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