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LF: Activity on Saturday

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Subject: LF: Activity on Saturday
From: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 02:44:26 EST
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Dear all,

Some QRSS activity on Saturday. Seen or heard close to 137.70 kHz:

IK2DED (not audible but "O" copy, thanks for qso, new one for DF0WD)
IK5ZPV (audible)
OH5UFO (audible)
M0BMU (very audible)
DL3FDO (extremely audible, but not worked ;-)

I met RU6LA on the DX cluster who had solid copy on IK5ZPV but no one else (on Saturday evening).

After returning home on early Sunday morning I heard the reason why so few UK stations were active.
Happy easter to everyone in spite of that very sad event.

73, Wolf
  DL4YHF + DF0WD  loc JO42FD

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