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LF: RE: 136 kHz beacon : Request for Comments

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Subject: LF: RE: 136 kHz beacon : Request for Comments
From: "John W Gould" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 21:30:45 +0100
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Claudio, I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but Region 1 IARU
discussed the question of whether or not to encourage beacons on 136kHz at
their Lillehammer Conference, 2000. It was agreed that as the band was so
narrow, and because there were adequate out-of-band transmissions, that
amateur beacons would not be encouraged.

The only exception was short-term beacons for transmitter, aerial testing,

Hope that that helps.

John, G3WKL

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Subject: LF: 136 kHz beacon : Request for Comments

HI Lowfers.

I have a chance to install a 136 kHz QRSS beacon in ARI Milano radio club
(north Italy).

Before to propose the project to radio club I ask LF peaple for some

1 - This beacon may be useful?
2 - If yes, what frequency may be preferred?
3 - The choice to start beacon at sunset and stop it at sunrise may be a

All other comments and suggestions are well accepted.

73 de Claudio

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