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LF: Repeaters

To: "rsgb rsgb" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: Repeaters
From: "gii3kev" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 18:12:09 +0100
Organization: Netscape Online member
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I do not think the way forward on LF is via vhf repeaters regardless on
a persons QTH environment. I recently worked VK, ZS6 and W4 on 2 metres
via the GB7LY repeater and all that I achieved was a two way qso to the
repeater the rest of the distance was covered using the internet system.

This is an interesting approach but it does not encourage
experimentation if fact it does the opposite.
I hope those using such a system including  our friend in Canada who
confesses to using vhf/uhf links for LF and HF linking does not claim
any AWARDS. I hope the recent transatlantic claims do not include any
linking of any kind but genuine contacts on the 136 khz band from the
home qth, where the LF tx/rx is located.
Please do not call/work me via the repeater. If you look at the mail its
the same old cronies that support each other regardless of what others
think. How about learning morse code and perfecting operating procedures
so that you can make a genuine qso direct, also try some outside
activities like putting up a proper antenna. If you live in a poor radio
environment and dearly love LF then MOVE
to a suitable location, you would not buy an expensive yacht for sailing
except you lived beside or near a lake or seaside.
Present day amateur radio seems to be an APPLIANCE OPERATOR persuit and
certainly does not encourage the true RF experimenter.
de G3KEV

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