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LF: Finbars' big sig

To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: Finbars' big sig
From: "Walter Blanchard" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 12:49:06 +0100
Reply-to: [email protected]
Sender: <[email protected]>
Congrats Finbar EI0CF you've been 15 dB over noise here
most mornings this week also via MB7LF.
Considerably stronger than you used to be.
Called you but only have 100 mW tx so forlorn hope.
OH1TN on most mornings but only just above noise.
G3YXM beacon strength.
Who's that sending strings of dots and swishing about all over the band????
Walter G3JKV.

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