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Subject: LF: Re: DN1VLF
From: "mike.dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:02:35 -0000
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Looking at Argo's savings in found DN1VLF, received 10:30
on 137722 and not seen before [not by me]
Anyone has more info, locator etc etc.
  73  Ko Versteeg, NL9222  [SWL]

I also saw this station calling CQ (an 'M' in QRSS) - but copied it as
DN1VLC in the noise.

Having almost finished my painting, I am rebuilding the station and have
installed my Ropex Tx which I bought two years ago but never used. It runs
about 120W giving me 1.2A into the antenna (the Decca Tx gives 3.2A but not
yet reinstalled).

Has a QSO with GW4HXO using the Ropex.

Mike, G3XDV, IO91VT

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