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Re: LF: Test Sigs

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Subject: Re: LF: Test Sigs
From: "Brian Rogerson" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 15:47:49 +0000
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Hi Walter,

I have just finished putting up a 6m square loop to measure the field strength
of the signal on 136.00.  If your signal is the same one as mine, mine bears
015 +/- 10 degrees from me which logically puts it in the NW corner of Spain.
With me there is absolutely no night day variation and the field strength
calculates out at 2uV/m if I have got all my arithmetic and physics right.
Putting guessed values into Reg's groundwave3 programme puts the
distance at 300km.  More data on my web pages and would value your

If you put yout signal on 135920/5 perhaps my data logger may pick it up.

73, Brian

At 14:33 31/10/2001 +0000, you wrote:
Having sorted out QRP tx am now putting out irregular test tx on 135 850. Auto message gives call; input power to ant; locator. Transmission is very slow CW, 1-sec dots, 3-sec dashes. Not quite QRSS. Power input currently 500 mW; ant is two 160m dipoles strapped together, height about 80 ft. Will not often be able to reply to calls because away doing remote f/s measurements in car. Reports welcome. Anybody know what weak carrier on 136 000 exactly is? It's received same strength both here and at MB7LF 11 miles away so not a local.
Walter G3JKV.

73 Brian     CT1DRP     IN51QD     41 09 58N  08 39 11W

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