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Re: LF: French Long-wave broadcasting stations

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Subject: Re: LF: French Long-wave broadcasting stations
From: "John Sexton" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 01:56:17 -0700 (PDT)
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Many thanks to Daniel for such an interesting explanation and to Andre for the 
Judging from the other contributions, it looks as though the thinking has 
started in earnest for the first amateur LF QSO between EU and ZL. Great!
73 John, G4CNN

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From: "Andre Kesteloot"<[email protected]>
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Date: Wed Aug 15 14:33:14 PDT 2001
Subject: LF: French Long-wave broadcasting stations

f1tay wrote:>
Je m'excuse de répondre en français mais mon anglais est très mauvais.
L'émetteur ondes longues d'Europe 1 est situé en Allemagne car de 1944 à
1981 les stations commerciales étaient interdite en France.
The Europe 1 long-wave transmitter is located in Germany because, from 1944
until 1981, commercial stations were forbidden in France.

Toutes les stations commerciales françaises entre 1944 et 1981 émettaient
depuis les pays frontaliers (on les appelaient stations périphériques) :
All French commercial stations, between 1944 and 1981, transmitted from
countries adjacent to France, (they were called peripheral stations)

Radio Andorre et Sud-Radio en ondes moyennes depuis la Principauté
Radio Andorra and  Sud Radio on medium wave from Andorra

Radio Luxembourg en ondes longues depuis le Luxembourg.
Radio Luxembourg on long waves from Luxembourg

Europe 1 en ondes longues depuis l'Allemagne.
Europe 1 on long waves from Germany

Seul Radio Monté-Carlo (station commerciale mais contrôlée à 100/100 par
l'état français) émettait en ondes courtes, moyennes et longues depuis la
France. Mais ceci était en théorie illégales.
Only Radio Monte Carlo (a commercial station, but controlled 100% by the French
Government) transmitted on short, medium and long waves from France. But in
theory that was illegal.

Après 1981 et la réautorisation des stations privées en France Europe 1,
Sud-Radio, RMC et RTL possèdent des émetteurs FM en France.
After 1981, and private stations were again authorized in France, only Europe 1,
Sud-Radio, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Luxembourg have FM stations located in

Actuellement il y a 4 stations francophones en ondes longues en Europe:
France-Inter à Allouis (France)
Radio Monté-Carlo (RMC) à Roumoules (France)
Europe 1 en Allemagne
Radio Luxembourg (RTL) au Luxembourg.
Ces 4 stations ont des studios à Paris
At the present time, there are 4 French-speaking radio stations on long waves in
France Inter at Allouis (France)
Radio Monte Carlo at Roumoules (France,
Europe 1 in germany
Radio Luxembourg in Luxembourg.
These 4 stations have studios in Paris

En Afrique il existe deux stations francophones (également en arabe) en
ondes longues:
Radio Alger en Algérie
Médi 1 au Maroc
In Africa, there are 2 French-speaking stations (also in Arabic) on long-waves:
Radio Alger in Algeria
Medi1 in Morocco

162 kHz  2000 kW  France-Inter   Allouis (France)
171 kHz  2000 kW  Médi 1  Nador (Maroc)
183 kHz  2000 kW  Europe1  Saarlouis (Allemagne)
218 kHz  1400 kW  R.M.C.   Roumoules (France)
234 kHz  2000 kW  R.T.L.   Junglinster
252 kHz  1500 kW  Alger chaîne 4   Tipaza (Algérie)

73 de Daniel
André N4ICK

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