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Re: LF: Wire in the Air etc

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Subject: Re: LF: Wire in the Air etc
From: "John Currie" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 21:37:51 -0400
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Hi Laurie ,  First I'll belistening tonihgt es tmw night
       About antenna .  I wonder if the increase in efficiancy is caused by the higher antenna capacity which permits smaller coil and therefore less loss due to coil resistance.  This might also explain the big signals from  Jack and the OH station.  I am thinking of putting up a 50 ft vertical with a 400 ft long wire from top.   How does that sound?
       CU tonight 73 de John VE1ZJ

Laurie Mayhead wrote:

Hi Tom / John,Most of the wire is in one length although it zig zags to get it into available space ,looks like a letter  N  with the vert. section connected to the top of the RH vert stroke.There is a short, 80ft peice of wire also connected here which goes off at the same angle as the cross stroke of the N. This seems to have a greater effect in increasing the Ant. capacitance than it does in reducing the R.res but then it is pretty short.To answer Johns question yes, the Ant. cap is increased by the new section. The loading coil inductance dropping from 1.8mH to 1.35mH.73s Laurie.
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