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LF: Spectrum Lab - new functions

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Subject: LF: Spectrum Lab - new functions
From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 16:47:50 EDT
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Hi Alan, Brian, Peter,

and others playing with Spectrum Lab:
I have just uploaded a slightly improved version of the program to its "main"
site (not the 'beta' site, though it still has 'beta' status) :

Modified or new:
- the value returned by the noise detection function (based on G4JNTs
algorithm) can now be 'normalized' for a RX bandwidth of 1 Hz, making it no
longer dependent on the current FFT settings.

- demo file for the "software VLF receiver" now supports easy changing of the
 "VFO frequency" simply by moving a marker on the frequency axis of the
spectrum graph, also the volume of the filter output can now be changed
without having to change the filter itself (click on the amplifier symbol in
the circuit window, this is not described in the manual yet).

- sideband rejection of the VLF receiver improved (better 90 degree phase
shifter, if your PC is fast enough you can increast the length of the Hilbert
transformer. Not described in the manual yet...)

- Inaccuracy of the "cursor" function with horizontal running waterfall has
been fixed, thanks Brian !

Thanks to all testers for their time and patience. The uploaded version is
"V1.65 beta 8". Good luck with it !

73, Wolf DL4YHF.
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