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LF: DX Cluster spots for June at GB7DXM

To: "LF-Group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: DX Cluster spots for June at GB7DXM
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 11:04:18 +0100
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Hi all, I have not been listening too seriously recently but the list of
stations spotted on the cluster may give a flavour of the activity to the
East of me. I have been surprised to listen on some days and hear that the
static background was very low even for this time of year. Regulars like
G8RW, G6RO, G6NB, and G3OLB can be heard most afternoons..... from further
east DJ9IE. F6CNI seems to be fairly active in the evenings, and is doing a
good job to make that country available on the band.

One interesting opinion I gleaned during the week was from an attendee at
the Time/Frequency seminar at Rutherford-Appleton Labs. It seems that though
it was being considered for use as a 'distributed' standard, no-one is now
doing any serious work on Loran-C. One person's opinion was that due to
political/economic circumstances the system now has a limited life.....he
did not expect it to continue beyond 2007, and did not rule out earlier
closure. There is also some disquiet about the future situation of the
BT-operated Rugby standards. Another snippet was that the state-of-the-art
GPS timing is now, since the removal of S/A,  reaching an uncertainty level
of a mere +/- 10nsecs !!  It would seem that GPS standards are here to stay.
There is so much of the worlds telecom systems dependent upon GPS
distributed time for clock synchronisation that it will be very difficult
for the it ever to be removed.

Cluster spots follow:-
  136.6  F6BWO       24-Jun-2001 1000Z  in QSO dj1rl
  136.9  DL3FDO      24-Jun-2001 0949Z  cq cq
  137.7  I5TGC       24-Jun-2001 0910Z  CQ QRSS
  136.6  OZ1KMR      23-Jun-2001 1843Z  cq cq
  137.6  OM2TW       23-Jun-2001 1134Z  slow CQ...
  136.4  G6RO        22-Jun-2001 1956Z  cq 569
  136.5  F6CNI       22-Jun-2001 1914Z  519 clair dans Paris 11hme
  136.5  F6CNI       22-Jun-2001 1907Z  wkg G3OLB
  136.5  G3OLB       22-Jun-2001 1416Z  cq 589
  136.5  DJ9IE       21-Jun-2001 1645Z  cq 579
  136.5  DK6NI       17-Jun-2001 0937Z  cq
  137.6  OM2TW       17-Jun-2001 0916Z  qrss 10 sec/dot
  137.6  OM2TW       17-Jun-2001 0809Z  cq qrss
  137.6  OM2TW       16-Jun-2001 0957Z  qrss
  137.2  OM2TW       16-Jun-2001 0821Z  with new PA. BIG sigs
  136.4  DL3FDO      14-Jun-2001 1701Z  in qso dk6ni
  136.4  DK6NI       14-Jun-2001 1700Z
  136.6  DL3FDO      14-Jun-2001 0904Z  CQ 59 as usual in JO42
  136.6  DF0WD       14-Jun-2001 0832Z  569 in JO02PB
  136.4  OM2TW       13-Jun-2001 1654Z  cq...strong
  136.5  OM2TW       12-Jun-2001 1657Z  cq cq  no takers
  136.6  DL3FDO      10-Jun-2001 1645Z  in qso df6nm
  136.6  DF6NM       10-Jun-2001 1631Z  in qso dk6ni
  136.5  OM2TW       10-Jun-2001 1304Z
  136.5  DL3FDO       9-Jun-2001 1443Z  549 wkg dk6ni 519
  136.5  OK1FIG       9-Jun-2001 1327Z  weak
  136.5  F6CNI        9-Jun-2001 1159Z  with DK6NM
  136.8  F6CNI        9-Jun-2001 1145Z
  136.4  F6CNI        9-Jun-2001 1137Z  419 wkg df6nm (579)
  136.3  F6CNI        9-Jun-2001 1137Z  with DK6NM
G3NYK de GB7MRS 25-Jun-2001 0944Z >

Cheers de Alan G3NYK     JO02PB
[email protected]

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