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LF: Re: Wolf Tests

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Subject: LF: Re: Wolf Tests
From: "Larry Kayser" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 19:29:16 -0400
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I would think the fact that Larry is physically relatively close to CFH makes it unlikely that his signal would cause QRM to the users of CFH - I suppose there is an area around Larry's QTH where his signal is strong enough to cause problems for CFH reception; but since CFH is much higher power, and the signal bandwidth quite narrow, this area must be very small. Since Larry is inland of CFH, I think it is unlikely that his signal is ever going to be a problem to the Canadian navy, even on an adjacent frequency. There is more likely to be a difficulty for them from European stations on this side of the Atlantic, where CFH is relatively weak.
Interesting.  You must be thinking of real interference.  My concern is
not with real interference it is with the perception of interference and what goes with that kind of possible issue. An untimely or unguarded comment - just the things that could put a large spanner in the works.

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