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Re: LF: re DDH48

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Subject: Re: LF: re DDH48
From: "jannsen" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 20:04:55 +0200
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Hi Alan, Hajo, Markus es all,
tks for the replies.
1. equations ok. there are mny other possibs. but 2. no modulation-bursts from DCF and no other characteristicas. only clear RTTY. ok, Markus, the big shift on 155kHz is still suspect. 3. DF: 137,4kHz nice zero with the loop to DDH48. 155kHz no DF possib because of QRM by 152kHz-BC.
4. Hajo, my qth is jo43sv (50km north of Hamburg).
there is a monitoring station from the regulierungsbehörde (german FCC) in my
vicinity (my old employer). but they are technical deaf on lf! so I have got to see the gents from DDH48. sri no other OM does receive the emissions.

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