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LF: Re: g3aqc beacon image

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Subject: LF: Re: g3aqc beacon image
From: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 05:36:02 EDT
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Hi Uwe and Laurie,

the reason why Uwe's nice picture of Laurie's transmission looks quite sharp
is simply because the FFT length used there is quite low. This gives nice
sharp edges of the DFCW signal, but also reduces the spectral resolution.
If you have to dig deep in the noise because you are on the other side of the
pond, you must use a higher FFT length to have a more smoothing effect (I
guess ARGO does something like that automatically when set to a "very slow
QRSS" mode).

So thanks for the picture Uwe, I'd like to know what settings you were using
when making the spectrogram (my own spectrograms are a little more "blurred"
if that's the proper word).

73's  Wolf  (DL4YHF; DF0WD)  JO42FD.
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