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Subject: LF: Re: LF GROUND SYS
From: "Steve Olney" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 11:58:15 +1000
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G'day BIG KEV,

Nice to hear from you again.   You've been a bit quiet lately (miffed that
you missed the TA train ?).

system was poor on LF and I totally agree and SAID so many times away
Yes, we know, we know.   I also know that you are not too familiar with
digital technology, but I can assure you that email communication is (to use
a non-technical term with which I am sure you are familiar)


, some are slow on the uptake !!!!!!!!!!
Self-criticism is always good for the soul :-)

as above but CONNECT the far end of each to pig/sheep galvanised mesh
wire that normally runs for acres and in some cases miles/kilometres
across my and neighbouring farmers fields, my neighbours do not even
Tell me, does the pig/sheep fence completely circle your QTH.   I get the
feeling it does.   Nothing could make a "ham" more at home :-)

competent CW operators, a dx qso is a doddle, no need for Wolf, Bark or
Careful in the choice of your words, over here amongst us backward
colonials, a "doddle" is any task that is so simple that even the village
idiot can do it.

Talking about words, I had occasion to converse with some friendly chaps
from your area (so friendly that I had to triple check that they were from
your area) on 2m a couple of days ago.    Nice fellows, but I take
everything back that I have ever said about Kiwis talking funny !!!! :-)   I
thought you all spoke English over there !!! :-)

Love your material - keep it coming :-()

73s Steve Olney (VK2ZTO/AXSO - QF56IK : Lat -33 34 07, Long +150 44 40)
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