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Re: LF: for John Currie

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Subject: Re: LF: for John Currie
From: "John Currie" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 17:47:09 -0400
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Tnx Larry I will QSP
73 de John VE1ZJ

Larry Kayser wrote:


I was told yesterday that Jack, VE1ZZ sent out a packet announcement on of
his final transmission on 137 at the end of last Month which was the end of
the 13 month initial LF project plan.  If you are talking with him you might
let him know that Industry Canada has a revised LF project plan from myself
and further that they called by phone to specifically confirm that I was
asking for his (VE1ZZ) renewal within the project for a further two years.
They specifically did not ask for a cessation of operation and have given me
a strong indication they (IC) expect to approve the project for a further
two years.

The usual disclaimers apply, they could of course phone tomorrow and say
turn it off etc but they have not asked that so far.   I am continuing
regular tranmissions from here until further notice.


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