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LF: Argo beta 1 build 127

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Subject: LF: Argo beta 1 build 127
From: "Alberto di Bene" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 14:43:57 +0200
Organization: Undisclosed
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Hi all,
            I have just uploaded Argo beta 1 build 127 to the
weaksignals Web site :

From the Readme file :
Beta 1, build 127   (Apr. 8th  2001)
- Added the 20s dot mode, upon request.

- Right-clicking with the mouse on the spectrogram toggles between full band
 view and the current dot mode, without changing the center frequency.

- The Visual Gain can now be set to : AGC, Low, High

- The length of the ticks is selectable between short (as before) and
 long (full stroke across the spectrogram).

- The peak frequency is now computed with a quadratic interpolation between
 three consecutive bins.

- An indicator of the relative signal magnitude has been added, both near
 the field showing the mouse cursor frequency, and as a floating text that
 follows the cursor. The 0 dB reference level can be selected between the
 magnitude of a monochromatic signal that would just saturate the ADC of the
 sound card, or the magnitude of a signal arbitrarily selected with the mouse.
 The relative magnitude displayed near the peak frequency is however always
 referred to the ADC full scale.
 The dB display has a lower limit of -80 dB (computers still have to learn the
 concept of negative infinity...)

- A couple of logging features have been added :

 - Serial Log : The frequencies of the ten strongest frequency components are
   output to COM1 or COM2 (selectable), sorted in decreasing magnitude order.
   This can be used for FDK experiments, or for DFCW outboard decoding.
   Thanks to Steve Olney, VK2ZTO for the idea and the serial output routine.

 - File Log : the magnitudes of all the bins displayed in the current running
   mode are logged to a file, with a comma-delimited format, useful to be
   imported in, let's say, Excel or Access. The file name and the logging
   interval are selectable, and each snapshot is time-stamped.

 For both forms of logging, see the Readme for the exact format.

- Some code adjustment, tuning (should require less memory) and error 

As usual, please send to me bug reports, and any feedback you may have on the 
program. TNX

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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