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LF: RE: Helical antennas

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Subject: LF: RE: Helical antennas
From: "Talbot Andrew" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 08:49:43 +0100
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The normal mode helix was covered in some detail in a 1974 (!!) edition
of Radio Communication with a set of empirically determined equations
for calculating resonance and winding dimensions.  Seem to remember it
was by the famous D A Tong, but I may be mixing it up with another
article.    I found the equations to be a good starting point from which
to fine tune helials for HF.   Used to have a copy of that RadCom, and
it may still be lying on a shelf somewhere.

Andy  G4JNT

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Subject: LF: Helical antennas

Does anyone have a description of how the helical antenna (not the axial
mode antenna), like the one built by Toni HB9ASB, works?

Tony made a lot of tests and concluded that most of the radiation came from
the helical coil rather than the top loading, see page 58 of the LF

Peter, G3LDO

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