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LF: "WOLF" BPSK Test from DF0WD tonight

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Subject: LF: "WOLF" BPSK Test from DF0WD tonight
From: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 12:54:28 EDT
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Hello group,

Happy easter to everyone !

Now that my oven-controlled 'master clock oscillator' seems to work, I will
try a first test transmission with "amplitude shaped" WOLF BPSK this evening,
starting at 21:00 UTC on 137.500 kHz.
The TX power will be about 10 watts only because of feedback LF problems into
the mic input of the IC706 (generating an ugly howling sound which is
different from the WOLF signal). I'll try to use the amplitude shaped
modulation which can be generated with Stewart's new software release. The
spectra included on his WOLF pages look very promising to me, using "t 1.0".
Maybe someone in my 'neighbourhood' (JO42) can tell me about the quality of
the spectrum; and if the 'linear transverter' is linear enough hi.

Sorry I dont have email access from DF0WD, so the only way reach me there is
via LF or packet cluster.

73's, good luck, hope to see you later.. (either in CW or BPSK),
 from Wolf (DL4YHF).

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