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LF: Re: Re: 73 khz permits

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: 73 khz permits
From: "MAL HAMILTON" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 15:44:19 -0000
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From: mike.dennison <[email protected]>
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Date: 07 December 2000 19:59
Subject: LF: Re: 73 khz permits

G3KEV wrote:
the band was extended for a total of 3 years it was still the policy in
spite of the fact that all the existing permits holders that were active
were all south of Birmingham. For genuine experimental purposes this did
make sense. Surely what was needed was a spread of experimenters covering
the North of England, Scotland and N. Ireland. But according to postings
the reflector the rsgb did not contemplate any more permits.
This is what you said on a number of occassions.

The decision not to issue any more permits was nothing at all to do with
RSGB. It is ludicrous to suggest that the Society would work to
disadvantage any radio amateur.
These are your words NOT mine

I am only quoting what you have been saying in postings to the reflector on
behalf of the rsgb about no more permits being issued. You have repeated
this a number of times when the subject came up about the 73 khz band but
you said nothing about why more permits COULD NOT be issued, and if there
was opposition by the RA why the rsgb was not persuing the matter especially
when the band use had been extended for another 3 years.
Why suddenly are permits being issued again. What has dramatically changed ?
Has the rsgb been put under pressure by some of its members to do something
about it ?  Have others gone direct to the RA for clarification or
Is it true that one permit had been issued while there was a so called ban?
To avoid further speculation please answer the above questions since you
seem to be the rsgb spokesman and you say you know what is going on.
Dont keep fellow radio amateurs in the DARK
I personally go direct to the RA for clarification but would like to hear
your side of the story. I realise you are busy at present sorting out the
rsgb LF handbook fiasco if recent posting are correct or is this all fiction
too !!!!!!!!!!!73 G3KEV

On the contrary, the decision to start
issuing the NoVs again was a direct result of representations by the
This should have been done automatically at the same time as the 3 year
extension was under discussion. Did you forget to mention it ?
If you don't believe me, read the RA's Press Release on their web

Mike, G3XDV

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