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LF: BPSK beacon test

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Subject: LF: BPSK beacon test
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 14:40:43 -0000
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Hi Andy, your signal in ID this morning was about 589 here. By tuning my
loop to 73kHz and putting it at right angles to you and disconnecting the
(136 tuned) wire, I was able to reduce to signal to a barely discernable
smudge on Spectrogram (whilst still having to cope with some band noise),
when there was no local noise. The BPSK sync'ed  and kept in synchronism but
with quite a few character corruptions. Installing GRAB 16 9 gave me almost
perfect copy. The odd corrupted characters being audibly connected to bursts
of local noise. Generally pages of perfect copy even at that S/N level. I
was using a VE2IQ Sigma-Delta PCB and AFRICAM. The system maintained sync
well despite me not having tweaked the 1.8MHz rock exactly onto frequency
(it is 140Hz high). This gives me a lot of confidence that I would have
spotted Larry if he had popped out of the noise over the last 3 weeks since
I have been using this set-up. I made no adjustments to the RX at all and
initial sync came within 4 chars. This system works a lot better than the
soundcard set up due I think to more accurate sampling. The BitPhase stays
fairly constant though it does switch backwards and forwards by as much as
10%. I must get a JNT version of the card built up!

I would think that signal should be copiable well into Europe.

Thanks for the test, Cheers de Alan G3NYK   JO02PB
[email protected]

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