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LF: Re: Apology

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Subject: LF: Re: Apology
From: "Peter Dodd" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 12:53:58 GMT
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Steve GW4ALG said

As many of the the stations worked were using 136.5 +/- 200 Hz,
you can imagine my disappointment when QRM from the intermittent
carrier appeared on 136.5, with strong sidebands +/- 100 Hz
(already mentioned in other postings to this reflector).  I did
try for further contacts: I stuck it out for a couple of hours,
but everyone else had given up - so I went to bed too.  A
disappointing end to an otherwise successful day.
In addition Steve sent me a direct e-mail reprimanding me for poor
operating, i.e using QRSS in the CW segment of the band and not
sending QRL? before transmissions.
Firstly I apologize to Steve for spoiling his operating session and I
feel that an explanation is in order.
For the last few weeks several of us have been receiving VE1ZZ using
QRSS on 136.5kHz. This has not bothered CW operators because the
signal is around 15 to 20dB below the noise and inaudible to CW operators.

Last night, John, VE1ZJ indicated that he had installed Argo Beta1
software and would looking for any transmissions from EU in between
VE1ZZs transmissions. The monitoring frequency was not given.
Previous listening/looking frequencies were below 135.8kHz but since
then the Greek RTTY station had moved down there. Additionally, if
VE1ZJ was monitoring VE1ZZ I reasoned that the place he would be
looking was near VE1ZZ's frequency.
After 2300 the only stations I could see was VE1ZZ on QRSS and Steve
calling CQ a bit further up the band. (I could not respond to Steve
because the system was set up for QRSS). No other stations were
present so I felt it was safe to transmit when VE1ZZ stopped. I went
into listening mode during the planned VE1ZZ transmission times.
To make things worse I appear to have had some instability with the
transmitter driver during the transmit session just before 2359
hours. Again I apologize to Steve (or anyone else who this affected)
and I will be QRT until the transmitter fault is resolved. The
problem may have been cause by the very low temperature in the LF
shack last night.
Steve also reported 100Hz sidebands. Have other operators noticed this?

It is obvious that some procedure will be required if the proposed LF tests with VE in January are to be achieved without conflict. Your suggestions are welcome.
All the best for the New Year

Regards, Peter, G3LDO

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