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LF: kites

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Subject: LF: kites
From: "g3kev" <[email protected].uk>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 17:17:12 +0000
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Apart from a message from Lech about towing Jumbo Jets those with
professional  kite flying ability seemed scarce. The few private replies
were more related to toy kites, and not capable of lifting and
supporting a long antenna wire at least 500 ft.

My research shows that no one kite is totally suitable for all wind

Moderate to fresh winds =Multi celled tetrahedral kites or Marconi jib

Gentle winds = Conyne or Compound bat

General wx= Large Parafoil

Some of these kites have a span of up to 20 ft and could be difficult to
launch by one person but have the advantage that once up will soar all
A 7 ft span seems more manageable for one person, but the options are so
varied it is impossible to cover all types and their performance here.
Seemingly if one can get a kite to around 1000 ft it will be very stable
and need little attention, it will stay there for days. For anyone
interested in LF and a good antenna and lives out in the country this
would be the answer. Very cost effective, less than £500 as apposed to a
modest 120 ft tower at over £2000
A good well anchored winch is needed and preferably automated and
connected to a heavy vehicle like a tractor.
Check with your local ATC so that a NOTAM can be issued to avoid a
If you just want a day out and some fun use a toy kite but it is likely
to nose dive into the ground just as often as it soars into the sky and
needs a lot of attention, distracting you from operating, especially if
your cw is marginal in the first place.
For those seeking glory with a first across the atlantic think KITE

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