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LF: RE: Discussion of the Peter Bobek award, and TransAtlantic II

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Subject: LF: RE: Discussion of the Peter Bobek award, and TransAtlantic II
From: "John W Gould" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 08:49:46 -0400
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As one of the prime movers to get the award in place I felt that I needed to
respond to Larry's comments.  Firstly, I must make it clear that I totally
agree with Larry's approach.  I also ought to say that my views here are my
own, rather than representing those of the RSGB HF Committee.  I also
haven't discussed this reply with the other sponsors of the award - the DARC
or AMRAD, though I suspect that they would agree with my line.

One of the purposes of the award was to remember a modest but determined
experimenter and excellent operator who amongst other significant amateur
achievements was one of the pioneers on 136kHz.  The basic idea came from
another determined and successful experimenter who participates in this
list.  The award was also put in place to act as a driver for those within
the hobby who use an award to sustain their interest in meeting a specific
goal.  Clearly, it will be difficult to meet the terms of the challenge.
Larry is right to remind us that before anyone is successful we may need to
achieve the 2-way QSO at higher ERP.  Maybe the guys in the Azores or
Iceland who, for the purposed of the award we decided to exclude, may be
able to add a valuable contribution by demonstrating a 1 watt ERP QSO over
part of the distance. Both steps will help calibrate what is needed to be
done in order to meet the challenge.

We have to remember that the challenge is optional.  I have some fun doing
DXCC on the HF Bands, but I don't do IOTA - that's my choice. My XYL can't
understand why I do amateur radio as the Internet or the 'phone is so much
easier and can be cheaper - but that's another debate!

Through simple things like lists of records and firsts, awards, some amongst
us have been encouraged to improve their technical and operating knowledge.
Not all - some have drive to do that without the lists, awards, etc.   Each
to his/her own.  Over the last few years aerial and receiving capability has
improved significantly.  Work on information coding and modulation,
developed for other reasons has been successfully applied, e.g. G3PLX, G4JNT
and VE2IQ.... to name but a few of the experimenters.

It doesn't matter what drives us, but don't let's open up a debate about the
rules for the Transatlantic Challenge.

I look forward to monitoring the TransAtlantic II activity - I hope that
others are inspired to set up other experiments, whether or not an award or
certificate follows the achievement.

I probably need an award to transmit LF outside the boundary of my garden!


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Subject: LF: Discussion of the Peter Bobek award, and TransAtlantic II

Greetings All.


I would sincerely appreciate if discussions about the Peter Bobek award in
any terms of the activities of the TransAtlantic II project be avoided now
and until after TransAtlantic II results are known at the end of next

I am very sure that Peter Bobek was a person of honour, and some
justly feel
that the award was conceived and now promoted as a recognition of a great
achievement in LF.

The facts are, that the award requirements must and will have
ZERO impact on
how TransAtlantic II will be undertaken from this side of the Atlantic.  I
have only read the award requirements in a most cursory manner
and will not
read them again until after we return from VO1 in November.  I
have nothing
against or for the award, but I do know my focus - have signals heard both
ways and if possible get a two way QSO across the North Atlantic in

The simple facts of the matter are, that what we have to do to
get an LF QSO
in the amateur LF band across the North Atlantic the FIRST time
will be many
dB in excess of what will be required to have the 200th or 2000th
QSO across
the North Atlantic on LF.

We can test the results achieved by TransAtlantic II, and wouldn't it be
wonderful if we could do it with 1W erp, after the test period is
over.  If
the award requirements have been met then well and good.  If the award
requirements have not been meet this also is well and good.  My personal
feelings are that I would really like to have a serious discussion later
this year about the qualification for the award, that would mean that some
signals were heard either way or a completed QSO was achieved
over the North

Summary, the award does not drive the project, the award is a byproduct of
the results of the project.


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