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Re: LF: What is normal amateur radio?

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Subject: Re: LF: What is normal amateur radio?
From: "Doc Gruis" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 12:08:37 -0500
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        Excellent original post on this current thread.

        I have shared some of the same things here in Iowa in the U.S., , among
other things, with the first 6 mater repeater in this area.

        For several years the late Ernie Wilson, W0PKJ, and I sponsored an
amateur radio club and I also taught an introductory electronics course,
and for a couple of years a contact elective radio license class, for
credit toward high school graduation.  Several of those young men and
women got amateur licenses and at least tried the hobby first hand. Most have maintained their licenses, but not all. Life. Some also got
one level or another of the former Radio Telephone Licenses, which same
have since been "deregulated" or subjected to "reform."

        Now, most of these folks were not from families that could afford
"state of the art" ham radio gear.  As licenses became available, and
with a very limited budget at school, and using personal resources, I
worked with the kids and changes CB transceivers to crystal controlled
1o meter rigs - NOT on the commonly used channel, 29.6.  AND, we also
modified and retuned four or five old table radios to receive 160
meters, even added a BFO on a couple of them.  Then we built some small,
at the time, 1960's and 1970's, built 3 or 4 very small A.M.
transmitters.  The usual PA was a 6V6/GT or miniature version, 6AQ5,
running a pretty low voltage, less than 5 watts and usually about 2
watts.  A few times I even sent CW practice on 160.

        Oh my!  The hue and cry!  Cluttering the airwaves with AM and young
people.  I have often wondered about the impact on the young people.

        Change and learning are always related - also to pain, of some sort or
another.  Life!


Doc., K0HTF  (Grid square EN31dx) and long wave (U.S. part 15) "D"

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