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LF: Re: LF-Group at Hastings

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Subject: LF: Re: LF-Group at Hastings
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Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 20:53:25 EDT
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In a message dated 4/9/00 12:55:04 PM GMT Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
<< To All from PA0SE
David, G0MRF, requested reports on their signal from their Hastings beach location. So I set-up my measuring equipment.
G0MRF/G4KLF certainly had a nice signal but not as strong as I had expected.
Perhaps power was lost in the rock, that being in the near field. >>
Hello Dick / Group.

Thank you for the report of signals heard Dick. This has been very informative.
Bill, G0AKY, Tony, G4KLF and I arrived ready to go at 08.00 Saturday morning.
The cliff is 100m high but as the apex is inland, our wire had to be tied off about 80m ASL. After climbing the cliff 3 times (not the way to do it) we finally had the system running by 12.00. - Not exactly formula 1 pit stop standards!
With a supply of 32.5V @ 25Amps we achieved 3.9 Amps of antenna current.
The cliff is sandstone and does obscure any line of site path to The Netherlands. The direct path to most UK stations is via 200 - 300 metres of rock. Perhaps the only UK stations who are line of site are G3LDO and Laurie G3AQC.
An interesting comparison is with the signal of G3BDQ (130W) who is located
on the highground slightly to the NE of our site on the beach. Both BDQ and
KLF are reported at -85dBm by Dick. In another report Toni, HB2ASB, reports
KLF at 569 and BDQ at 449. The only difference is that, to HB9, the 'KLF'
signal was not obstructed by the cliff.
I'm still measuring the matching inductance value, reading my notes and have
yet to determine the precise length of the antenna.
Our tests with various earth arrangements were disrupted by some 'do-gooders'
who neatly collected our earth rods from the sea and left them at the edge of
the car park- high and dry! (on both days)
Thanks also for the activity on 73k. G3YXM, G4GVC, G3XTZ, M0BMU and G3OLB
all good signals. Managed to work Dave and John two way on Sunday.


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