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Re: LF: 73kHz - Rugby

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Subject: Re: LF: 73kHz - Rugby
From: "Prof R. Jennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 16:26:09 -0500
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Sender: <[email protected]>
Whatever has happened to the Rugby transmitter, it has been off the air for
three days.   Has it been sabotaged by overkeen Hams or have the
authorities given up the fight against competing with Ham Radio?
It seems to me to be even more sinister. For 2 years I have been using a
VFO but on Wednesday, thanks to G3NYK's Xtal offer, I completed a Xtal beat
oscillator to squeeze into the tiny bottom end of the band.  I specifically
designed it for this sector and cannot use it at the top end.  Now I find
that, in this neck of the woods, continental QRM is terrific at the bottom
end but the centre and top end of the band are as quiet as the proverbial
mouse or perhaps I should say quieter as I recall being awakened in the
past by the little blighters scratching away throughout the night! As I have not heard a single 73 Ham signal for ages I will put the beacon
on for extended periods during the next few days in the faint hope that I
may get a report from somewhere, even perhaps continental Europe!
73, Roger, G2AJV.

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