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LF: Re: 73/136kHz

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Subject: LF: Re: 73/136kHz
From: "Dave" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 18:51:34 -0000
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Have a look at the screenshot Reino sent me . Above Peter's signal I think you
can see the end of CQ (-. --.-) followed by M and the start of a zero?
It may be worth trying a sked with Reino.

Had a fruitless weekend on 73kHz - spent about 6 hours
transmitting on the band, but no QSO's. Did see OH1TN calling
G3YXM and G3LDO, but I don't think Reino could see my signal.
Will have another try for cross-band QSO's tonight, if I can find a
clear frequency!
As regards frequency, as there are so few of us transmitting, we could each
have our own frequency! I find it almost impossible to tell if anyone else
is transmitting due to the QRM from Rugby. Perhaps we could congregate
around 71.800 at 5Hz or 10Hz intervals. What about G3LDO 71.795, G3YXM
71.800, M0BMU 71.805 ? Any other suggestions?


I will try again at the times you suggested.

73, Dave G3YXM.

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