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LF: Cross band QSO's 73/136 kHz

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Subject: LF: Cross band QSO's 73/136 kHz
From: "Dick Rollema" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:55:24 +0100
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To All from PA0SE
Just made cross band normal CW QSO's with M0BMU (sent 559, received 559) and G3LDO (sent 569, received 559). My antenna system was tuned to 136 kHz. But tuning to 73 kHz probably would not have resulted in better reports because I guessed the signal strength by comparing the signal to the noise and this relation would not be better with the antenna system tuned for 73 kHz.
The background noise was the same as this morning with Rugby off the air so apparently the Rugby noise sidebands do no hamper reception overhere.
73, Dick, PA0SE
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