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[lofexp] Re: Galveston NDB, Picture

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Subject: [lofexp] Re: Galveston NDB, Picture
From: "Dave Brown" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 20:10:23 +1300
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Great to finally see a picture of the GLS antenna. Its top loading looks to
be  designed as outlined in Watt's 'VLF Engineering' where the drooping
umbrella wires are insulated off at a point such that they do not go below
about 70% of the vertical mast height.
Rick Warnett in P29  has been able to confirm its height at 300 feet and the
power as 2kw in correspondence- extract below from his very recent (today!!)
posting to the lofexp reflector.
At 300 feet it 's a biggie by NDB standards but as the distance down here
is over 12000 km it's still doing very well, possibly the best LF DX that I
am aware of, excluding high power broadcast stations. There's one of those
on the Kamchatka(?) Peninsula up top of the Pacific that roars in here in
winter months after dark on 180 kHz exact.

Dave, ZL3FJ
******************* extract from Ricks lofexp posting**********
Fellow Lowfers,
The following was sent back to me in regard to GLS. MAYBE A BIT LATE NOW AS

Hi Rick,

  Got on the phone with the Galveston FAA field Office yesterday. GLS uses
a 300' verticle steel tower for the antenna. The entire tower radiates, just
like the usual am broadcasters. Power is confirmed @ 2000 watts. I talked
with a fella named Jimmy Grubbs, a Texan with the usual Texas drawl.
Friendly dude. They verify reports at:

       FAA Field Office
       2115 Terminal Drive
       Galveston, Tx. 77554

       phone # 1-409-744-1195

  I believe you folks would be the first from your area.

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