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LF: Re: LF report

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Subject: LF: Re: LF report
From: Väinö Lehtoranta <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 07:39:02 +0200
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CQ LF de Vaino, OH2LX,

2nd March 2000: Monitoring started at 2000 UTC.

SXV 135.8 was weaker than normal, it slowly faded
down with minimum around 2050, while background
noise level increased some 15..20 dB.
SXV slowly returned to normal levels after 2130,
so did the background noise - a bit unusual event
(not easy to know which noise is solar in origin).

CFH was not heard at all, still Nil at 0320 UTC.

Four OH's heard had fade on signals, OH7OL was Nil
he was sending vvv's while we talked on telephone.

At 22:18 2.3.2000 -0000, you wrote:
Dear all.

CFH was quite strong at 2130 gmt then faded almost to nothing by 2155.
It is now rising fast at 2215.
Much better than usual at this time.

Dave G3YXM.
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