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LF: Re: strange signal

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Subject: LF: Re: strange signal
From: "Peter Dodd" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 19:55:08 GMT
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After an exchange of e-mails with Alan Melia in which he says
Hi Peter thanks for the Spectran screen. I wonder.....
The tranmission on the right is definitely Cesare........ I put a pair of 
dividers on the
penultimate character of the strong signal and it was about half a dot
shorter than the 'P'. (that might just be the brighness variation on the
weaker signal. Also the inter letter gap on Dave's transmission is
accurately equal to the first dash in the 'K' . Whereas the gap on the
weaker signal above is much shorter.The penultimate character in the weak
signal almost looks like it could be a 'C' ...this was not another weak
station calling Cesare was it?? the two chars on the screen could be ...GC K
............ I make the delay on the 'K' equal to a dash and el space and a 
dot. That would
be nearer 15 secs, I think  (give or take another el space).  I know one of
the southern German stations was calling Cesare earlier.
When I have had intermod 'ghosts' they line up exactly with the keying of
the  transmission that's intermodding of course.
In view of what Alan says, and after further inspection of the
mystery signal on 137.738kHz, I am now convinced that it is another
amateur signal and not a delayed 'image' of the strong signal from Dave.

So who was it? The date/time of the mystery transmission was 24th
Feb at 2025hrs.

Regards, Peter, G3LDO

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