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LF: Re: Re; Test Transmissions

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Subject: LF: Re: Re; Test Transmissions
From: "Larry Kayser" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 20:35:06 -0500
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Re ur msg as follows.................
                 Would it be possible for you to tell  Jack  VE1ZZ,  that I will be  carrying out a series of test transmissions on 136.150 khz  starting just before  Midnight UTC, starting tonight  Friday 26th  Feb 2000 and for the next  3  to 4 nights. For  1 hour, until  0100 utc, each  night/morning.
I am pulling out all the stops, everything cranked up to the last. Transmissions will consist of  my  repeated callsign  EI0CF, at  5 wpm  or less.
I dare not leave this transmitter unattended, should I leave it  chuntering all night, I am liable to find the entire workshop burnt to the ground in the morning. Otherwise I could leave it going all night. Not advisable.
Best regards from your European cousins,
Well I have just returned from a 650 mile round trip to test my RX's and I can now say that my RX's are as good as any others.  The problem has been in the antenna.  I returned via the plumbing store this afternoon with a large supply of bits and pieces.  I will have a 16 ft diameter untuned shielded loop about 50 ft in the air as soon as I can get it all put together and tested out.  The issue is fabrication and assembly, all the pieces are here.  I will start with the sling shot to get a line over an English Poplar tree tomorrow some time.  I will see DCF39 competently from now on.  I expect also to see the WA2 AMRAD signals easily as well. 
I have two ways to talk with Jack, VE1ZZ.  One is by phone and the other by mail.  We are using the later.  He is into Packet Radio and I am trying to find a way to get email from the Internet to him on Packet Radio, the packet radio medium is all dead here now, the only thing left is the APRS stuff using the old TNC's.
Jack does not use a PC and has no software to watch for signals, he depends on hearing things.  I am trying to work on him to get a PC and some software but I am moving slowly and carefully.  I sense he does not move to these things quickly.  I have sent him some .jpg printed pictures, to see if he will respond.  I am not inclined to try and get him going if he is not able to see signals at this point.  I trust you will agree?
To this I have written Jack a long memo about what he is hearing from DCF39.  I shared his tape with Mitch, VE3OT yesterday, I think Mitch will agree Jack is hearing a thundering great signal from DCF39. 
Off line and in another forum I am working with others on high level automation of the receiving process so that we can have automatic alarms on the DCF39 signal so the next time it takes off a large fire bell will let me know that things are happening.  I have your phone number on the wall and I will call when that happen next time.  I will also phone Jack after I have phoned those of you in Europe for whom I have phone numbers.
At this time, I am not able to make a competent contribution to random tests so I will decline until I have resources that make the investment of time and effort worth while.  I trust that you will agree?
I also began today to gather the goodies so I can put up a 2000ft Beverage antenna at my island qth for next winter.  I will have to set out the Beverage over open lake water for over 1500ft, I hauled home the first load of old gas barrels that I will make into floating platforms to hole up the wire.  Welding starts in a few months when time permits, but there are 40 of the gas barrels sitting out at our dock hi.
Back to my scraping of copper pipe and soldering chores....
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