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LF: Re: super condx last night

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Subject: LF: Re: super condx last night
From: "Dave Sergeant" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 19:48:04 -0000
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From Dave G3YMC
Toni HB2ASB wrote:
Super condx last night with very low band noise: MM0ALM 599+, G3OLB 579.
I5TGC was not only visible on spectrogram but also audible about
349/449! Cesare, it's really impressive what you can do with your small
antenna (or Tesla transformer, hi). Much more interesting than the big
tower game.
73 de Toni
I also heard good signals from Toni on Tuesday evening before I went out.  I
find propogation on the path to HB9 one of the most variable, sometimes you
are 579 as on Tuesday, whereas other times like Sunday mornings I can barely
hear you.

I have not heard Cesare here, but I would endorse the comments that those of
us using miniscule antennas and low power get a lot of fun and sense of
achievement from our limited means.  I accept that I am not going to be able
to compete with those in the big tower league, but this is a hobby after all
and it always gives me a thrill to QSO a new station on the band, even
though it is quite often not armchair copy.

This afternoon (Wednesday) I QSOd Dave GM3YXM/P again - it looks as if Dave
has managed to get on a little earlier than he forecast so presumably his
antenna repairs were not too extensive. It matters little that I only got
329, it was a QSO, and relatively easy at that.  Perhaps I should have a try
at HB9 (though that indeed would be a miracle!).

73s Dave
[email protected]

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