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LF: Re:TransAtlantic

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Subject: LF: Re:TransAtlantic
From: "FINBAR O'CONNOR" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 19:08:41 -0000
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Hi Larry,  VA3LK,
                           I am not sure if you are completely set up for weak signal reception on 136 khz yet, if so perhaps we might set up a sked for 136 khz.  You name the best freq on the band, that suits your   QTH.  I have just  erected a new antenna, essentially it's horizontal, but it does consist of a lot of wire,  360 metres of it, but the height is rather low, only  10 metres.
It appears to be getting out quite well  here in Europe, I worked a number of  UK stations today, as well as one in Belgium and was called by a station in Holland, but I just could not hear him.
My QTH is probably the nearest one to you facing across the Atlantic,  co-ordinates are    IO65IG, 
in lat and long its near enough   55.22 north  007.21 west,  Malin Head,  County Donegal,  Ireland.  
Malin Head is the most northerly point in Ireland.
My present QTH  is about  a mile and a half from the sea, the land slopes gently down to  a  bay called Trawbreaga Bay, next stop and parish  is Canada.
If we can set up a sked , I can tranmit  my callsign  at   5 wpm  from a memory keyer, but it is best if I can stay with the transmitter, I just don't trust it, I did set fire to the window frame last year and the XYL was none too pleased.                                                                                                                    After a lot of work with putty, varnish and colouring, its hard to tell the dreadful event ever took place.
So there,  let me know what you think.  Oh one other thing, my transmitter is  VFO controlled,  so there is an amount of drift, however I do have two mini  transmitter's that are xtal controlled,  I'd need to check, but one is near  136.6 khz and the other is
about 137.15 khz. Both are more than capable of driving my Valve amp to glowing output......full steam ahead.
Best regards
Finbar O' Connor        EI0CF         Malin Head.
p.s.   I can  pass my  home telephone number to you by a direct  e-mail, when I  get your  e-mail  address. Let me know.
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