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LF: G3LDO heard(seen?)

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Subject: LF: G3LDO heard(seen?)
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Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 00:13:55 +0000
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Hi all,

Saw G3LDO calling CQ using slow cw on 137.630 at approx. 2310z tonight 12.02.2000, a rock-solid signal 30dB above next door's washing machine here near Coventry.
Not DX judging by what I have read on the reflector, but quite
pleasing to know my fledgling (Rx) system is actually working!
( and since you didn't seem to get a reply, I can assure you your Tx
is working as well, Peter!)
Seriously, I would be very grateful for any advice on what I should
be able to hear (see) so that I can judge the efficacy of my setup,
and hopefully set goals for improvement.
Current equipment is - 1.5m x 1.5m square tuned loop in roofspace,
MOSFET tuned RF amplifier with 4 tuned circuits, NE612 converter with
10.0000 MHz xtal osc (very easy for frequency readout) into TS130SE
(no narrow IF filter) and 4 pole active RC filter with 110 Hz 6-dB
Hope to be QRV myself in next couple of weeks, but only QRP - so
stateside stations may experience difficulty with my signal!
73 de Paul, G4MD

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