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LF: Re: DCF39 coming back up again

To: [email protected]
Subject: LF: Re: DCF39 coming back up again
From: "Larry Kayser" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 01:17:35 -0500
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Sender: <[email protected]>

I hope anyone who is currently capable of transmitting on 137.7 read your
messages and is QRV. Seems to be a rather exciting night tonight!
Unfortunately my antenna is completetly down due to a storm we have had
during the week and I only will be able to re-erect it in daylight ...

Well it has been very quiet from Europe tonight.  DCF39 has come way up, 17
db over the noise right now, your sun rise must be coming soon.

DCF39 is only 120 km away from here, I am in JO52BH. However, my ERP anyhow
is pretty limited (abt. 200 mW) so that I probably would not be the right
partner for a test.

Buy stock in Power FET companies.....

However, with that signal strength of DCF39, a typical ham signal being 50
dB lower, there is a good chance for copy a Slow CW signal. Good luck!

Well I have no idea what we might have missed tonight.  On peaks earlier the
signal was 33 dB over the noise here and probably we could have made it
visually anyways.  I do not think we will be 50 dB lower, maybe in the 30's
but not 50 at least that will not be the case from this side.  You can "read
my lips" on that issue!

I was having a hard time, have been trying to hear the AMRAD beacon over
here on 136.745 and have not heard it yet.  This was not a good scene as I
was wondering, and still am wondering, what I had done wrong.

The DDH47 test was quite exciting, an SWL told me they sent a long dash, I
measured 17.74 seconds long here at 2249 UTC, between the two sections of
the test.  I hope someone has a .wav file and can confirm the length of the

Then DCF39 started to come in and just got louder and louder - quite amazing

I have been watching all the discussion about weak signal work on this
reflector.  From the listening I have done here and contemplation on the
issue of weak signals, we need to use a coded schema involving FSK with a
code system, I have one I started to work on for EME things, or we need a
system to transmit frequency over time with a vector coming up on the
screen.  Either or both would get around the race horses from the Loran-C
and all the other noise and junk on the band.  If we just do something
different we will stand out easily.

DCF39 is running QSB now on a 2.2 minute cycle there seem to be quite a few
databursts at times, right now I see 5 of them outside of the 10 second



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