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LF: Surface Wave

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Subject: LF: Surface Wave
From: "Dick Rollema" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 15:11:57 +0100
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To All from PA0SE
Further to my email of 11.14:
I'm afraid I did not make very clear that the vertical radiation pattern of antennas, as found in the books, do not include the surface wave. The null in the pattern under low angles over real ground is filled by the surface wave.
It is the surface wave we use for our LF QSO's up to a few hundred kilometres.
I can recommend studying an old, but very readable article:
Radio Propagation Fundamentals
Kenneth Bullington
The Bell System Technical Journal, Volume XXXVI, May 1957,
Number 3
73, Dick, PA0SE
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