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LF: DCF39 & DCF49 telecommand

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Subject: LF: DCF39 & DCF49 telecommand
From: "Soegiono, Gamal" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 15:18:52 +0100
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Dear LF friends

thanks for your emails containing info about data sent by DCF39 & DCF49.

If you look on, there is a schematic showing the telegram format
which is used by both stations for sending their telecommand telegrams.

My best guess for a identification telegram (DCF49 for example) which is
broadcast to all receivers, would look like in the GIF file attached
herewith. I don't guarantee for exactness. The coding of length_byte is still unknown
(message length coded as a decimal or a hex number).

73 de Gamal

GIF image

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