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LF: Re: Re: transatlantic : the optimistic approach

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: transatlantic : the optimistic approach
From: "Larry Kayser" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 15:11:48 -0500
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I got a positive reply from VO1GO, Jerry, and asked him (as a first test)
to listen for DCF39 and other signal in the 130-150kHz segment.
Here is his responce :
Here are some more observations of my listening.  At 0522 UTC,  rtty
stations on 130kHz : 559, 133kHz : 589, 137kHz : 569 and 139kHz :
If CFH on 137 is only 569 on his untuned antenna in VO1 and he is copying
DCF39 at up to 559 that must be a very good sign.  I would have thought CFH
would be pinning his meter with a tuned antenna there, so DCF39 can't be
that much down on it!

I suspect the 133kHz report is of a more local station but there is of
course the German station linked to DCF39 there.

Well not quite.  133.1 is FSK 75 Hz and can be occasionally quite loud even
on my poor antenna here.  139 kHz is not very loud most of the time and is
not on the DCF39 QRG, this one seems to move up to 100 hz from day to day
and sometimes over an hour of so it will move 50 Hz.  bothered me at first
but I suspect it might be a spurious.

Strange he does not mention 122.5 which can be a real barn burner of a
signal on occasion, and I have reason to believe from some information the
Yanks put on their reflector this one is in Cutler Maine.

Strang he does not seem to hear the 136.81 signal which is weak and
seemingly constant level here, I think it might be a what is called a power
line carrier.  I have heard burst of what I think is data similar to the
DCF39 signal bursts I heard on the .WAV file.   This one bothers me in
listening for the WA2 stations.

My W&G has been calibrated here and I can read frequencies to about 1.5 Hz
with certainty when using the video presentation of Gram.  This W&G AT-611
appears to be a real find as it is stabilized internally somehow and is
incredible for accuracy.  I can be within a Hz with the frequencies given me
by the yanks on some LF stations, even reading easily the amount of chirp on
the RTTY space signal on the low speed stuff. hi.

I have found me first volunteer for the dxpedition, he is a lowfer guy who I
new of many years ago.  He is hearing NDB's and LF stuff all over North

Gotta run


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