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Re: LF: New CQ Award

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Subject: Re: LF: New CQ Award
From: "i5mxx-Marzio" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 16:42:07 +0100
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Hello Mark!
Very happy to read about LF interest in France.
I worked two France stations cross-band, and i hope to work France Hams in
LF direct soon.
I think your idea about an award is very interesting anyway.

I suggest an award based on DXCC country confirmed( not 100 ...hi)
something like 10 or so to start .
I suggest also to issue two different kind of awards with separate numbers.
One based on country worked on TWO WAY AURAL CW ONLY and an other based on
country worked in DIFFERENT MODES ( QRSS, PSK etc)or mixed with aural cw.
I think this division will incentive a lot traffic and efforts from all
amateur peoples involved in LF work, cause real different way  and
difficulties to manage a qso with a station in QRSS or in normal speed cw.

73 de Marzio I5MXX

In 01.52 28/08/70 +0100, hai scritto:

The interest in LF and VLF transmissions is growing and the sole
messages on this list regarding record breaking contacts are there to
prove that.

Well, as CQ has a long tradition in sponsoring various DX awards, as
CQ-F (the French language edition) is already the sponsor of the CQ
EU-YL Award, we were just thinking about some sort of award for "lowfers".

Before we get some rules down on the paper, I thought that it would be a
great idea to ask those who are athorised to transmit on these
frequencies to send me their comments about such an award, and what kind
of rules (limitations?) they would like to see.

Feel free to discuss this topic on this mailing list, or send me your
comments directly.

73, Mark, F6JSZ
Editor, French CQ
Avid LF Listener

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