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LF: (no subject)

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Subject: LF: (no subject)
From: "malcolmg3kev" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 13:52:13 +0000
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Surely no one can be serious about the contraptions suggested for
insulators carrying high voltages. Is this a Mellenium wind up. If you
cannot get proper antenna insulators from the normal radio suppliers,
sensible options are available at marine or farmers suppliers. The
Marine insulators available at ships chandlers or yacht suppliers look
like a dogs bone and are about 100mm long with eyes each end 20mm
diamater, white in colour, polypropylene material, and are strong and
light. There is also a larger version if required.
The Farmers type are used for electric fencing, there is a variety of
types and are green or black, strong and light.
For low power applications you can use small plastic blocks, available
at DIY stores. These are normally used for building cupboards and have a
hole at each end and one at right angles in the middle. Size about 30mm
long and 8 mm wide.
I have used all of these items as insulators up to very high voltages
and to date never had a failure or burn up.
Also available at yacht suppliers are a variety of marine grade
polypropylene strong ropes for guying towers and being non conductive
are ideal.
Wire for antennas in 600 metre rolls can be obtained from Farmers
suppliers this is normally used for electric fencing and consists of
several strands of stainless steel wire interleaved with plastic strands
but there is a variety that  has two strands made of COPPER and could be
suitable for antennas.
.Hope you find the above information useful de MAL/G3KEV

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