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Re: LF: OE Activity Report of November 27

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Subject: Re: LF: OE Activity Report of November 27
From: "Toni Baertschi" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 10:01:24 -0800
Organization: Phonak Communications AG
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From HB9ASB, JN36pt
Hallo Heinz,
vielen Dank für das "Lebenszeichen" aus Österreich. Bisher habe ich Euch
leider noch nicht hören können. Mein QTH befindet sich in der Westschweiz in
der Nähe von Fribourg (Freiburg) und unser Funkpfad verläuft quer durch den
Alpenriegel. Deshalb dürfte eine Verbindung wohl nur mit Hilfe der Raumwelle
- also während der Nacht - zu schaffen sein.
Equipment: 1200W RF into 18m, top loaded helical vertical. RX: Harris RF590,
250Hz IF, +Timewave Audio DSP-Filter.

hope to hear you soon, 73 de Toni

PS. To all stations calling me: Give a chance to that crocodile! Often I
hear very weak signals after a CQ and it takes some time try all filter and
antenna options and finally figure out a call sign in the noise and QRN. If
I call QRZ it means that I not only see something on the screen but I hear a
signal. Please insist and give me a very, very long call at slow CW speed
(your call only). Don't give up if it doesn't work immediately! I often
listen with a 35 Hz filter and I detect stations which are not exactly on my
frequency only after a certain time, when tuning over the band. As many
stations have Ropex transmitters, I will now listen also on this particular
frequency - but it gets crowded.

 At 1645 I heared HB9ASB cq-ing and called him. He came
back to G3KEV and gave him a 579 report.

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