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LF: More from SM !

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Subject: LF: More from SM !
From: "urban.ekholm" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 19:20:55 +0100
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Hi to All !
I will most likely be QRV as SM5EUF/5 during saturday afternoon / evening from the summer-house at JO78SQ. If so I will bring the rig. Hopefully the antenna is still in the air ! I will listen (and call) around every full hour from 1300Z. QRG 136.064-136.576 normal CW and 137.728 QRSS.
Maybe the preamp will be burnt out by 7S6SAJ not more than about 70km away but I will take that risk HI.  Will bring also a loop to check the difference to the T-antenna. I will run about 130W out with a synth oscillator changeable in frequency in steps of 128hz from 135808 to 137728. (Xtal a watch crystal on 32768hz). If anyone is interested in it let me know. I have started making a circuit diagram (in MS WORD) of the synthesizer.

If I get everything going until saturday I will also try some QRSS.
Please note that it is not 100% sure that I will be QRV. It will depend a bit on the weather if I go there or not.
Any listening reports will be appreciated to my e-mail adress below.
73 de SM5EUF / Urban
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